PRAESIDIUM • prɪˈsɪdiəm (latin)

Protection, Help, Guard.

Our Mission

Intelligence-driven advocacy in the fight against human trafficking. We connect stakeholders, datasets and communities to bring about change.


Praesidium Partners was founded by two former Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents who saw the need to build relationships among stakeholders and share information regarding human trafficking in the United States. Based in Virginia, the Praesidium Partners team operates globally and advocates on behalf of the anti-trafficking community.



We specialize in relationships. We connect people through shared passions, complementary capabilities and mission-focused solutions.


We help non-governmental organizations understand where and how to best apply their insight inside government at all levels and with other NGOs and private sector stakeholders to bring about change.


We are experienced in intelligence, investigation, communication, public affairs, security and risk management.



We believe authentic relationships – connecting people within and between organizations – are critical to mission success.


We believe discretion – involving our clients’ activities and identities – is critical to building trust and achieving our objectives.


We believe data, intelligence and insights are the missing ingredients in successfully combating trafficking networks.


Robert Houston


Robert Houston had a 27 year FBI career specializing in counterterrorism and transnational organized crime. Among other positions, he served as the Director of the International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center, in management roles at the CIA Counterterrorism Center, and as an Assistant Professor at National Defense University. He has a MS in National Security Strategy and a JD.

Patricia Houston

Managing Director

Patricia Houston focused on counterintelligence and criminal investigation in over 20 years with the FBI. She is a certified undercover agent, and has a degree in international business.

Emily Cullum

Director of Outreach

Emily Cullum has nearly a decade of strategic communications and public affairs experience in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. Emily began her career as a 9th grade math teacher with Teach For America and holds a degree in Economics from Wake Forest University.

Elizabeth Ranade Janis

Director of Strategy and Operations

Prior to joining Praesidium Partners, Elizabeth Ranade (Rahn-ah-day) Janis served as Ohio’s first State Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator, where she led the Governor’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. Through the Task Force, she worked in close partnership with state, local and federal partners to build Ohio’s comprehensive response to combat human trafficking. Elizabeth previously managed humanitarian aid programs for those impacted by disasters and crises around the globe through World Vision. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development from the Ohio State University.

We engage experienced analysts and subject matter experts in full or part time roles as required to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

"The team at Praesidium Partners are real professionals and fantastic allies in the fight against human trafficking. They have a clear understanding of trafficking methodologies used to bring victims to the United States, exploit them and keep them in bondage. Praesidium Partners is a great addition to the anti-trafficking community."

Greg Virgin, President and CEO, RedJack LLC, and former NSA executive